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The selection module facilitates a choice from 70+ solid/liquid separation equipment types including filters, centrifuges, gravity sedimentation, membranes, and hydrocyclones.  Selection is possible from limited information related to the required duty and the resulting ranked list of equipment can be further refined if additional data are available from simple laboratory experiments.  The software provides interactive procedures for analysing these data.  The FDS allows access to text and pictorial descriptions of each equipment type and hyperlinks provide more specific equipment manufacturer details via the internet.

The data analysis module facilitates interactive analysis of leaf filtration, jar sedimentation and piston press test data.  Calculations are performed in a hierarchical manner using the available information, if some data are not measured then the FDS performs the best possible analysis using approximations.  The results of an analysis can be used to refine (shorten) a list of selected equipment or provide scale-up information for equipment simulation.

There are two filter simulation modules: 

  • The vacuum filter module allows for the simulation of Nutsche, multi-element leaf, belt, drum, disc, table and tilting pan filters. 

  • The pressure filter module is able to simulate single and multi element leaf filters, diaphragm and filter presses as well as the tube press. 


Filter cycles involving combinations of cake formation (over a range of pressure/flow regimes), compression and gas deliquoring, as well as washing can be simulated.

Schematic of horizontal belt filter
Filter Design Software - Equipment selection screen
Filter Design Software - Filter simulation screen

Windows based computer software for the selection, scale-up and simulation of solid/liquid separation equipment has been developed by Steve Tarleton in conjunction with a consortium of multi-national companies.  Much of the incorporated technology has arisen from my research and is fully detailed in a multi-volume series of books which are a companion to the Filter Design Software (FDS). 

FDS is industry tested, intelligent and interactive whilst maintaining a user friendly interface for those less familiar with solid/liquid separation.  It is intended to be an aid to equipment specification, design and operation, but also a training and educational aid for use by both industry and academia.  The software contains many explanations, pictures and diagrams of equipment as well as practical constraints due to equipment designs that affect equipment operation.  These constraints are built into the simulation procedures, as are many guards to guide the user to avoid input errors.

Some other features of the FDS include:

  •  A directory and explanation of the main operational and design features of 70+ equipment types

  •  Interactive analysis of leaf filter, jar sedimentation and expression test results

  •  Determination of the parameters required for scale-up and simulation of equipment

  •  Comparison of data sets from a range of tests/trials

  •  Simulation of 20+ types of vacuum and pressure filters

  •  The ability to import data files from other software (e.g. Excel)

  •  Web access to equipment suppliers.

To download and view the FDS brochure please select here (PDF reader required).

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